Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Number 42 IS PURPLE

On first glance, a bright cheerful image of two bears greets the idle visitor of this blog site. Holding hands, they look out towards a rainbow over on a psychedelic green horizon, immediately below, the perky face of one of the blogs regular contributors, Cath Cunningham, smiles wickedly back from the screen.

Well written, witty and informative, it is clear to see why this blog was one of the favorites at the blog awards, the attention to detail is almost as perfect as any collective of women can muster and the relevancy found in each article glares at one in the face like an angry bear. Their tongue-in-cheek attitude towards writing is done cleanly and without the rough edges found in other blogs that occupy space on (namely my own).

Personally, there is not one post that stands out above the rest, simply because to compare each one of these well educated writers would be unjust. Yet the flavours brought in by Cath, Mya and Michelle are as diverse as ice-cream stalls, but one cannot help but feel that two of the three authors were raised on a similar brand of psychoactive gymnastics as your truly.

That may make me a little biased towards their writing, hell, it may make me very biased towards their writing but its nothing that I am ashamed of. For a good laugh and a good time go check out their blog at

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