Friday, October 30, 2009

Red Hot Number 42

My current semester at Rhodes University has allowed me to attend lectures on the global crisis with Professor Cobbing. It is a high flying course covering human history and what we have done wrong to end up in the state that we are currently experiencing (which, according to Cobbing, is a crisis). Professor Cobbing’s reason behind our state of flux is simply because no one cares anymore. Humans are too selfish and more inclined to put themselves first than to be bothered about society’s problems. The writers of The Number 42 is Purple, however, show a conscious understanding of the world. Their writing shows evidence of social awareness and a genuine concern with the current state of society.

These four women have viewed and reviewed worldly issues with a critical lens. They have provided readers with a student’s perspective on the world and have shown that humans are not entirely focused on themselves. The Number 42 is Purple has provided me with a little hope about the world we live in. Many people today are so engaged with their own trivial concerns that the human race has slowly turned into an autistic community. Connecting with each other through a networking site or over some technological device is a more natural occurrence than physical, face-to-face human contact.

The blogging topics range from climate change and twitter, to Obama and animal testing. The broad topics demonstrate an extensive understanding in the world and are well executed in their writing. The world needs to see more of The Number 42 is Purple if we are ever to have any hope of living beyond this crisis.

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