Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ahem, Stop Standing On My Toes

Insults. Political correctness. Insultingly politically correct. Insulting the politically correct. Correcting the politically insulting. Insulting the political.

I have often wondered why my mother would clip me about the ears for impropriety. Whether I was at school singing aloud Tenacious D’s Gay Eskimo song at the age of ten, or on the dojo floor urging a team mate to tear off the testicles of an opponent at the age of 17, either way you look at it, my attention to social fiber is not very good.

It saddens me that society, with all the charm found in its ignorance, still does not like being politically incorrect. The act of political correctness only encourages one to remain a dope-fuelled government addict, sniveling when someone describes racism as dead and being white as a guilty sin. The fascinating thing remains that those who are politically incorrect don’t tend to reverse this role, they take their criticism generally quite well and continue to be as loud and rude about the subject of abortion as before.

The fact is, and always will be, that to be politically incorrect is to be a challenger of what people should be thinking about a given topic. You say abortions are necessary for the victims of rape, I say they are needed for the floozy’s in High School. Either way an abortion is the answer, but why do the reasons need to be the same? For a shining example of true political incorrectness, one need only gloss the likes of to know that there are people out there who just don’t give a crap anymore about what others tell them.

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  1. is just fantastic. It's my dose of insanity to keep me sane. Thanks Chris, as much as your incorrectness gets you in trouble... hey, you might as well.