Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ah, the Beach, a Blog that has Nothing To Do With Journalism

Hmmm, crap. This is public and stupid. I guess that’s what attracted me to it. I finally let go of my inhibitions and did something my parents would openly frown upon.

I sat on a beach and busked.

The spell check immediately asked me if I meant basked. No. I meant busked. For those of you playing the home game; busking is when you and a mate grab a guitar and play it in public while singing bad renditions of popular songs. For some its all about putting out the hat and earning some loose change, for others, like us, it was just about the feeling of doing something daft in public (and hopefully attract the attentions of the pretty girls sitting near us on the beach).

The feelings were not those associated with the usual euphoric tremblings found when performing before an audience who actually paid to see you. Instead, this felt more intimate. We had been mellowing out so much throughout the day that the actual act of busking just seemed like the next logical step to the intake of alcohol and hubbly already permeating our systems.

My friend Zane, bless him, recorded most of the one song, and it shows just how relaxed we all were, my friend Darryn was so relaxed, he opted not to even stir from his sleep.

The real truth behind all of this, which need I add has nothing to do with journalism, was for a break. To get out of our varsity town and visit the coast for a guys-only getaway where women, and booze were the only topics of conversation (two of the four of us were in steady relationships, as for myself and Darryn, well we have no clue). I guess the act of busking was an embodiment of our sentiments for the weekend; not to care while throwing out whatever we felt like to the big bad world. It was the musical equivalent of farting in public.

The end of the song, not shown in the clip, was more of a tapering off of notes than a resounding musical finale, but that is what busking is… bullshitting your way through a piece of music to look good and hip. Yet in this instance we did not do it to look cool and feel smart, we just did it to improve on our already considerable state of happiness. In other words, it was the worlds most selfish busk.

I do hope that everyone can feel what we felt for those few seconds. The sense that anyone can be watching you there and then and you won’t be self conscious about it at all. It is really one of the most liberating moments I have ever experienced, and if I have my way, it wont be the last.

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