Friday, October 30, 2009

No real Culture, but a whole lot of vulture

I decided to do my review on Young Culture’s Emporium. The blog, orchestrated by four opinionated young women, presents a simplified interface with articles that state the point and eliminate irrelevance.

The blog title, however, does not coincide very much with the content presented. I would have expected that with a name such as young culture, there would have been more focus placed on growing youth trends in terms of fashion, cults, belief systems as well as young people who are excelling in media and other industries.

Regardless though, the articles proved to compensate for the lack of title-content integration with a diverse mix of posts, ranging from commentary on fresh AWB onslaught-in-the-making to hits at the verbosity of parliamentarians in court to a direct challenge at the first year journalism course which is proving nothing more than plain boring.

Due to the critical nature of this blog, it would perhaps have been appropriate to include a sideline widget on the blog such as a poll or statistical chart, which would compliment the articles well or perhaps a darker colour scheme to point out the critical element.

The use of images and video were creative and stood out amongst the simplified interface,

I particularly enjoyed the articles ‘Just a thought on Varsity life’ and ‘Doomed for failure by global expectation

One can tell that most posts have been well researched and hyperlinks are provided to substantiate this

This is a simple blog which secures the cash and disposes the trash, using imagery economically and making

it gets 7.5/10

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