Sunday, November 1, 2009

Look, you’re about to die and I have no intention of rescuing you!

An issue which has forever been close to my heart is the inability of us as individuals to use self-initiative to succeed and instead blame past circumstances and seek pity from the rest.

It’s sad to see on a daily basis how much we, myself included, complain about almost every petite thing, attempting to gain some sort of pity from those around you. Yes, we all come from different backgrounds where some have been more privileged than others -but in what sense? Financial means?

You hear countless stories about how hardworking, determined individuals have succeeded against immense odds. And instead of serving as an inspiration, we dance to the typical tune of seeking every flaw within the individual while mocking the good that the person has done for themselves.

Personally, I feel that the greatest education you’ll ever get is the education you give yourself. With so many resources at our disposal and the tiny world that we’re living in, open doors are staring at us with GET YOUR ASS IN HERE written all over them.

I am a strong believer that if you’re not willing to sacrifice and go beyond what ‘they told you to do’, you won’t make any progress.
One cannot play the lotto every week, hoping to get your lucky break or drown your sorrows in a bottle for years because the guy next to you got the job, hoping that your life story will be documented and the whole the world will reach out to you in charitable embrace.

For the reality is, that nobody genuinely cares about your circumstance and they sure as hell are not going you to emancipate you from the dungeon of despair.

You have to do for you, quit complaining, and make it happen. The world IS yours for the taking.

And just by the way, trusting in the Lord makes a world of a difference as well. You should try it if you’re interested.

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