Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Needle of Heroin to the Eye of Journalism

This is not a blog, it is more a screaming, huffing rant that is meant to upset the people who put us in this position in the first place. The upstanding Faculty of Journalism on Rhodes campus here in Grahamstown South Africa have given us a task to write a blog about important issues to fellow journalism students. We will respond by telling them exactly what they don't want to hear. Nobody likes groupwork, nobody likes work in particular, yet here we are doing both thanks to the great minds who stand up on a daily basis and lectutre us on what they think is great journalism. In truth, none of it is, its all a deluge of conformist thinking and we all have to deal with it like a rash from a lover. With the first post from this blog fast approaching, you can only expect the best from us, or at least what we hope the faculty thinks is our best. There will be no sacred cows here, no room for crying about the colour of skin or the fairness of gender equality, if you don't like what is being said here, download porn instead.

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