Sunday, September 27, 2009

In Case You Were Not Listening First Time Around...

I am not typical. Well at least I am as typical as much as everyone else is not typical. It is with this approach that the topic of journalism will be tackled by what can only be described as a slightly disgruntled student. Not that it will make me biased against Journalism itself, oh no! I just want to get a voice out there that will create some little change, however small, in the thinking behind prospective journalists. It’s more of a hope really. We were told to state our aims; the little hooks that will make you as a reader follow our blog posts with interest and enthusiasm, but what good is it to tell you as a reader about them if we as a group do not mean them. Obama asked for change, we intend to express it. So what is it that we intend to do? For one we intend to change the perception of journalism, our first little post stated that we will have a no holds barred approach to what we as journalism students study, that we intend to take the topic and turn it on its head. This is not because we are against journalism; it is merely because we see this as the most efficient way of questioning it as a subject. By highlighting the faults of an object, do we not eliminate everything from it that is not beautiful? With that said I hope I have justified the next action that we as a group will take; tearing down the subject of journalism and building it up again. We will not be constructing it in the image that we want it to be, but instead leave you as the reader open to interpret in a way that is most natural to you. That way you can take what we say and form your own, natural opinion about a subject which is synonymous with negativity and decide what you think is fact and fiction. Like I said, we are not out to shatter journalism, just hurt it into being honest. I hope you enjoy the work that will follow, the tongue and cheek attitude that will be presented to you will merely be a mask, a foil for what we are really trying to say: open your mind as a journalist, and the rest will follow.

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