Monday, September 28, 2009

Everybody knows a Kanye

The media world is up in arms yet again. It may have something to do with the little outburst Mr Kanye West had during the MTV VMA’s recently, where during the speech being given by the sickeningly sweet Taylor Swift, we as an audience were treated to a black man with the subtlety of clown rape. Not that I agree with Kanye, well I generally don’t agree with Kanye period, simply because any idiot who thinks it fashionable to wear glasses in the dead of night should be made to cross a busy intersection at 3 am. However, what I simply love about Kanye is how much like the Nazi War Regime he is at award shows; one minute you are politely going about your business, the next he is upon you trying to steal your podium space. So why is it that the media are sympathizing with Taylor Swift? It’s obvious; she is the cute and innocent country star who had her moment stolen by a drunk black guy. This begs two questions of the media today. One; why did nobody agree with Kanye and two; why don’t we let celebrities run more rampant? It’s no secret that the world of show business is one of violent subterfuge and evil little men behind curtains, would it not make sense on behalf of the tabloid press to stop creating stories for their precious little weeklies and start focusing on the real grit. Don’t delude us with mindless drivel about how many pairs of shoes George Michael managed to wank into before being caught in Sotheby’s, tell us about the figures and stories, the hard news behind what commonly is seen as a soft news topic. Can’t a man just watch an award show and laugh without having to be told how heart-broken Taylor Swift became and how broken Kanye West was. Let the entertainers entertain us, and the journalists enlighten.

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  1. Hehehe I like, especially the descriptions about Kanye! Except I really do sympathise with poor Taylor Swift. How can you not feel sorry for her? Especially the way she looked once Kanye was done bouncing around on stage. She looked so timid and awkward. Poor thing. However, I do find Mr West thoroughly entertaining!