Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ingredients Include...

Welcome to the anti-Journalism blog where anything and everything that has to do with journalism will be criticised and scrutinised and victimised and every other –ised word. This entry will be all about what you can expect from this unique package that you have purchased. And by ‘purchased’ I mean, spending your well earned time to view this blog, when you could be writing an expose piece on some politician’s latest philandering actions. I guess it is one of my responsibilities to give you something good to read. I shall do my very best to entertain you, enlighten you and, of course, encourage you to stop by more frequently to read this most profound blog.

Now, let's get down to the "disclaimer"/warning/you read this at your own risk. I am completely aware of the fact that this is a public forum and my blog will be broadcast to millions of people – I hope. Therefore, I am aware that I will be taking the risk of advertising my opinions and points of view. So I know I will be opening myself up to a variety of people who think differently.

However, I will warn you that I will be giving you my conclusion of Journalism that has been formulated based on my own research, opinions and ideas. Therefore, at times I may require my readers to take what I write with a pinch of salt and if you truly cannot stand the utter drivel I post, well then kindly close the web browser you are using and return to your narrow minded view on the world. There is no need to leave rude and vulgar comments, however, if you so wish to leave such comments on my blog they will require some constructive criticism or else they’re just wasting cyber space.

Now that we’ve got the house keeping out of the way...

What can you as a reader expect from this very blog? Well, I promise you that it will not inform you of the two for one sale at Jay Jays or the latest moan about the liquor law that is having a drastic affect on the drinking habits of students in Grahamstown. No, this blog will provide you with a reason to question all things that involve journalism and the media. Expect harsh commentary on first year Journalism as well as the way journalists conduct themselves; not to mention there will be callous remarks made about the media’s ability to report on stories. However, as much as I may sound insensitive, I will of course provide my own constructive criticism.

The commentary provided in this blog is all based on a first year Rhodes student and her impressions of journalism. This will provide you, the reader, with a firsthand account of the media as it has been taught to me and how I view it with the knowledge given to me by the Journalism Department of Rhodes University.

Therefore, all I can ask of you is to sit back in that comfy office chair provided by the Jac labs; relax, if you can even though you know you have a psych test in a few hours; and enjoy.

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