Monday, September 28, 2009

I Write What I Bite

An afro yielding blend of burnt peach with an accentuated speech resembling that of your local cape coloured, coupled with a dose of intellect and source material and you have me – Jonny, Mr Critical himself.

With this here blog of critical analysis, my group members and I aim to dissect, inspect and project exactly what we think of news pieces and everyday occurrences which are in dire need of someone who can take a closer look and point out the specks hidden behind the silk curtain. Journalism is an art which has served as the bread and butter for the submissive housewife; the hardass businessman as well as the low-key street sweeper attempting to delay his lunch break for a tad longer. (Check me out, already using stereotypeadelicism to categorise my people)

The art, however, through the never-ceasing profit chase, has gone out and purchased a gold ring for its bride – entertainment value. Sure, we don’t see it right?, but this marriage of convenience has stood strong for longer than we thought we knew, watching us common folk nod our eager heads and raise our palms for another bowl of hot s(c)oup. People are discarding mom’s pure cotton jersey for a lavishly priced polyester replica that bears a picture of a monkey. What we as a citizenship have failed to realise is that this journalism, which we simply misconstrue as an innocent report of the day’s events, has in fact become the primal force in defining that sweet two-syllabic word – power. Ranging from petite disputes between unemployed workers and municipal elites, to senators seeking revenge against supposed terrorist groups, journalism has cemented both the foundation and the rooftop. Journalism schools teach students to free their minds and think outside the box, yet we are still bombarded with narrow-minded ideology which we as students are forced to use as our point of reference. I don’t see no free thinking (Now watch how my tutor penalises me for grammatical error…prescriptivism, damn it!)

So yes fellow citizens, have we scrutinized hard enough to confidently say that what lies before us can truly be set in stone and stamped with the TRC’s stamp of approval?or who then is the TRC? The Elite? Because they know better? Are you for real?

Let the blog begin…

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